Dr. Paul Ganske is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and Resident Physician for Dr. Jason Wysocki at 8 Hearts Health and Wellness.  He received his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle. His clinical education focused on neurological and mental health, gastrointestinal health, physical medicine, and preventative medicine.  

Dr. Ganske’s passion is working with individuals towards living a healthy life through preventative strategies and an integrative medicine approach. He believes patient empowerment comes from identifying the underlying health concerns which can in turn make possible the necessary changes to substantially improve health.  When evidence-based and personalized treatments can be aligned with the patient’s own personal goals (allowing them to be part of the process), Dr. Ganske finds this to be a successful approach to achieving optimal wellness.

Dr. Ganske grew up in Minnesota and was exposed to integrative medicine early in life, his mother being a chiropractor.  His upbringing taught him so much at an early age regarding these integrative therapeutics, especially through his personal challenges with Tourette syndrome, ADHD and OCD. These experiences allowed him to learn from a different perspective than many can. Effectively overcoming these challenges is what motivated him to go to medical school and helping individuals that may be experiencing similar symptoms continues to drive him today. Often it feels as if we are dealt cards that are difficult to overcome, but Dr. Ganske is evidence that turning those challenges into a positive can have a tremendous impact on others and that’s what he strives to do every day: providing a roadmap and inspiration to individuals who need it. 

With a Bachelor of Science in exercise science and training, Dr. Ganske is involved in exercise and sports and loves to be active in his free time. Some of his favorite activities include resistance training, golf, and basketball.   Additionally, he lives with his wife, son, and 2 dogs that always keeps him striving to improve.

Digestive: Reflux/GERD | SIBO | IBS | IBD (Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis) | Food Sensitivities/Intolerances | Abdominal Discomfort/Bloating | Constipation/Diarrhea

Lifestyle Medicine:Nutrition counseling | Exercise performance | Sleep counseling

Physical Medicine:HVLA (adjustments) | Rehabilitation/therapeutic exercise

Neurological/Psychological:ADHD/ADD | OCD | Tourette syndrome | Mood disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar disease) | Memory loss (dementia) | Parkinson’s disease | Multiple sclerosis | Seizure disorders | Brain fog | Migraines

Metabolic/Cardiovascular wellness: Blood sugar dysregulation (Diabetes) | Dyslipidemia | Metabolic syndrome | Fatigue | Mitochondrial dysfunction

Hormonal issues:Adrenal issues (cortisol dysregulation) | Thyroid dysfunction | Sex hormone dysfunction (testosterone/estrogen)

Lab testing

Genetic counseling 

Nutraceutical/supplement support


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