Naturopathic Oncology

We are honored and privileged to be a part of your healing journey and your fight against cancer. We will use our expertise in cancer treatments to support you in whatever way you are interested. That being said, we truly believe you should be under the care of a medical oncologist receiving conventional standard of care. We will support you through that treatment by safely melding integrative care using a combination of evidence-based naturopathic treatments such as dietary interventions, botanical (herbal) medicines, nutritional supplements, homeopathy and lifestyle modification. Our goals are to address your individual concerns, help support your immune function, maintain your quality of life and minimize side effects of your cancer treatment – without interfering with those treatments. We also strive to support you emotionally through this challenging time in your life. Lastly, we will do our best to meet and incorporate your expectations, goals and limitations to the best of our ability
into our plan for you.

What to expect from your visit:

  • • Your first visit is scheduled for 90 minutes:
    • – We will review your history including recent blood work, scans, current medications, past and current oncology treatments and any other pertinent medical history.
    • – Additionally we will ask you about your current diet and lifestyle including your exercise, stressors, and nutritional supplements.
    • – Specific questions will help us assess your digestive health, sleep, energy, immune function, environmental exposures, and emotional stresses.
    • – We will perform any pertinent physical exams.
    • By the end of your first visit, we will provide you with an individualized treatment plan for you to initiate as soon as you are able to. This may include any or all of the following:
      • • Nutritional/herbal supplements.
      • • Homeopathic remedies.
      • • Therapeutic diet plan.
      • • Exercise and stress management.
      • • Possibly IV nutritional therapy.
      • • Prescription medications.
      • • Determine appropriate follow up
    • – We may also suggest other supportive care such as acupuncture, massage, nutritional counseling with a dietitian or stress management/neurofeedback support.
  • • Follow up visits are scheduled for 45 minutes:
    • – We review and ask you for updates on your current conventional treatment plan including any recent blood work, scans, and changes in treatments/medications.
    • – We will review any side effects you have experienced from your treatment.
    • – We will check in how your naturopathic plan is going and any challenges you may have had implementing your plan.
    • – By the end of your visit, we will adjust your plan as indicated by all of the above as well as try to trouble-shoot any issues/challenges you may have experienced with your plan.

To make our time together most efficient:

    • If possible, please fax or submit through our patient portal the following information prior to your visit: (If you are unable to provide these records, you can request them from your current doctors once we see you at your visit. However, this may delay finalizing portions your treatment plan)

      • • Medical Records including:
          • – Recent blood work
          • – CBC, metabolic panel, tumor markers or any other labs which have been run.
          • – Recent oncology scans (just the reports, imaging not needed)
          • – Pathology reports
          • – Chart notes from your oncologists.

        None of this is required, but all will be helpful for your visits.

        If you are uncertain how we will be able to help you, or if you have specific questions or need more information – please schedule a free 10 minute consult with us so we further explain what we do and determine if we can help you.

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